Navigating the world of Personal Sperm Storage can be challenging, confusing and frustrating. We provide a list of resources below that may provide additional information and support, as you decide whether storing genetic material (sperm) is right for you. Timing is critical. If you think you may store, doing so before beginning gender-affirming treatments will give you the best options.

Gender Affirming Hormone Treatment (GAHT) is known to reduce or eliminate the production of sperm. The impact on sperm production is different in each person. Once GAHT starts and sperm production decreases or ceases, it can take three to six months, or longer, for sperm counts to return to typical levels, and in some cases sperm production does not return at all. For this reason, we strongly recommend storing before beginning GAHT if possible.

If you have already started GAHT, we recommend that you suspend use, if possible. Before opening the account, we recommend that you have a Semen Analysis performed to see if sperm is present. If sperm is present, we recommend opening an account and remaining off hormones during the collection process. If sperm is not present, taking more time off GAHT may allow sperm production to resume.

Account Type: Deciding which type of account to open is also important. If you are planning to store but have not identified who will try to conceive (i.e., the “recipient”), you should consider how you want to be able to use the vials in the future. For example:

  • Client Depositor (CD) account can only be used with a Sexually Intimate Partner (SIP) in the future. This cannot be changed in the future. Consider the CD account if you know the only way you would want to have genetically-related children in the future is if your partner is able to conceive and carry a pregnancy.
  • Directed Donor (DD) account gives you more flexibility. This type of account can be used with a SIP or spouse in the future, as well as be used for surrogacy or with a designated recipient (such as a friend who is willing to carry).
  • Please review Our Types of Storage Accounts for more information.

We realize that there are other considerations when deciding whether storing is desired, feasible, or physically possible. Please see additional resources below and please call us at 510-841-1858 with any questions.

Note:  Some of the more formal resources linked here may use problematic or outdated language. They are included because we feel the information is still useful in spite of this. If you are aware of additional resources or would like to suggest an alternative, please email us at [email protected]

General trans health

See also National Organizations


Resources for trans parents (and potential parents)

Clinics, programs and services by location:

San Francisco Bay Area

  • Kaiser Permanente Trans* Care Dedicated clinicians providing medical, surgical and mental health care to transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals.
  • Lyon-Martin Health Services Providing primary care, transgender health care, mental health services, HIV primary care and case management. By appointment only.
  • Dimensions Program, Castro-Mission Health Center, San Francisco, CA
    Resource for youth under the age of 25.
  • Tom Waddell Transgender Clinic Offers medical, mental health, nutritional and social services. Clinic is on Tuesdays.
  • Tri-City Health Center TransVision Program provides clinical services, mental health services, HIV counseling and testing, individual and group support services, primary care and sensitivity training for providers. “However you define transgender, if you need information, health care, support or someone to talk to, we are ready to serve you. If we cannot help you, we will find someone who can.”
  • Stanford’s Children This multidisciplinary clinic provides medical services for gender nonconforming youths and their families in one central location.
  • Stanford’s Children – Q+ Family Building Clinic  The Q+ Family Building clinic at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health is likely the first of its kind in the nation—a fertility and reproductive clinic within an academic center that’s entirely dedicated to providing comprehensive LGBTQ+ family building care.


  • Fenway Community Health Center Transgender Health Services Provides primary care, reproductive rights counseling, behavioral health services, HIV counseling and testing, therapy, counseling and pharmacy services.


  • Chicago Women’s Health Center Provides basic gynecological care, alternative insemination, individual and group counseling, educational workshops, and acupuncture. Sliding scale or insurance.
  • Howard Brown Health Center Provides primary care, behavioral health, HIV prevention, case management, social services, youth and elder services and community initiatives within transgender and gender variant communities. Sliding scale available.


  • Mazzoni Center
    Provides primary care, hormone therapy, support and counseling services, and referrals.
  • Refuge Midwifery (Pennsylvania/South Jersey)
    Fertility care that spans from individuals just beginning to explore their conception options to those seeking holistic fertility support to regulate cycles and determine optimal conception timing and families ready to conceive through IUI at home. Offers home birth midwifery care – spanning from the first prenatal visit to labor, birth, and the first six weeks postpartum. Services are offered from a Health At Every Size (HAES) perspective, and specializes in working with individuals who have PCOS and transgender people who have previously used hormone affirming therapy.

New York

National organizations/websites

    National organization for children with one of more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer parents. Special section for LGBT parents, and resource guide for children with trans parents
    For Ourselves: Reworking Gender Expression
    FORGE is a national education, advocacy and support umbrella organization supporting FTMs, partners, family member, and allies. Many resources for building healthy families, resolving problems in relationships, and parenting skills.
  • TransFamily
    Provides support, education, advocacy and outreach for trans* identified people, their families, and allies.
  • Transgender Law Center
    Civil rights organization advocating for transgender people and their families. Tips for health professionals working with transgender clients.
  • Dimensions Clinic Resource Guide
  • Audre Lorde Project
  • CPATH: Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health
    Network of care providers focused on transgender health. Medical and research information available.