A Directed Donor (DD) account is for individuals storing sperm for a designated recipient who may or may not be their intimate partner or spouse (such as a friend, partner of a sibling, or surrogate). All stored vials in this account are quarantined for six months and repeat STI testing is required prior to release. Please see Sperm Storage Fees for pricing.

We recommend opening a Directed Donor account for minors (or anyone who is unsure who will carry a pregnancy), as it offers the most flexibility for use in the future and the added safety of the 6 month quarantine.  For information regarding storage for a minor, please see Sperm Storage Clients under 18 FAQs.

Helpful hint

Are you storing for a designated recipient (and not for yourself)? We highly recommend you schedule a semen analysis and test thaw appointment with TSBC prior to setting up a storage account to assess your fertility. This is to determine your sperm count, volume, and how well your sperm survives the freezing process.

To get started

  • Read all the information below.
  • Contact us at [email protected] or 510.841.1858 for more information and to request the required forms.
  • All of the forms must be submitted for review before appointments can be scheduled.
  • A physical exam, which must include a visual genital exam, has to be performed and submitted for review prior to the first appointment.
  • After all documents are submitted, call 510.841.1858 to schedule the first appointment.

Important regulatory information

  • This account has FDA required screening and STI testing.
  • Screening: Specific paperwork, documents and a medical exam are required prior to initial visit.  Additional screening forms are required at the initial visit.
  • Testing and Quarantine: All stored vials are quarantined for six months and repeat STI testing is required prior to release. Vials will be releasable 7+ months after the initial visit (depending on timing of additional collection appointments), after our medical director has reviewed the exit STI testing.

Initial visit

  • Expect to be in our office for one hour during the initial office visit.
  • Complete required documents and sign the Storage Agreement.
  • Provide a semen sample in a private room. This sample will be processed for storage which includes a fresh semen analysis and a post-thaw analysis to assess sperm survival.
  • Have blood drawn and provide a urine sample to test for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).
  • Pay initial account set-up fees.

Return visits

  • Call us at 510.841.1858 to schedule return appointments.
  • Return collection appointments are 30 minutes.
  • Repeat STI testing is required 6 months after collection to release vials.
  • Please see Sperm Storage Fees for pricing. Additional collection appointments and repeat STI testing are fee for service.