TSBC works with licensed, board-certified genetic counselors specializing in prenatal and preconception genetic counseling and donor screening. Phone or in person consultations are available with our genetic counselors through San Francisco Genetic Counseling.

A session includes one 60 minute consult, referrals for desired testing, plan for results, a written summary of the communication provided and an additional 2 weeks of free email contact. Fees are payable to SFGC.

What is a genetic counselor?

Genetic counselors are licensed healthcare professionals with specialized graduate training in the areas of medical genetics and counseling. Genetic counselors usually work as members of a healthcare team, providing information and support to families who have members with birth defects or genetic disorders and to families who may be at risk for a variety of inherited conditions. Genetic counselors have special training in the following areas:

  • Risk assessment for hereditary conditions
  • Evaluation and interpretation of genetic testing
  • Support for individuals and families with genetic conditions or concerns

You might want to meet with a genetic counselor if…

  • You are interested in knowing if you or your children may be at risk for a heritable condition that you have, or that affects someone in your family.
  • You want to know if genetic testing or carrier screening is available for a genetic disease in your family.
  • You know you are a carrier for a genetic condition, and you want guidance in choosing a sperm donor in order to minimize risk to your children.
  • You select a sperm donor who is a carrier on expanded carrier screening, and you want to discuss risks and benefits of carrier screening for yourself.
    You want a more personal discussion of the health history provided by your chosen sperm donor.
  • You want the genetic counselor at TSBC to work with your healthcare provider to make sure that your medical information and the information available on your chosen sperm donor is effectively considered while you are planning your pregnancy or once you are pregnant.

Services available through a genetic consultation

  • Review of your personal and family medical history
  • Identification of possible genetic risks in your pregnancy
  • Discussion of known inheritance patterns
  • Review of appropriate testing options
  • Discussion of prevention strategies and screening tools
  • Genetics-related information and reliable resources
  • Supportive counseling that may help you with topics that arose during the consultation

How to prepare for your genetic consultation

  • Be well-informed about your personal medical history.
  • Ask your relatives about medical conditions in the family.
    • What is the diagnosis?
    • Who is affected?
    • At what age were they diagnosed?
    • What is the outcome?
    • Have affected family members had any genetic testing?
    • Gather pertinent records
  • Make a list of written questions for your appointment