Please be advised that the fees listed are effective April 1, 2024. Please call for current fees. Thank you!

Recipient registration

(required to purchase vials)

$100 (3 – 5 business days to process)
$200 (expedited registration processed within 1 business day, call for availability)

Program donor sperm

$2300 per vial (washed or unwashed)

  • Washed vials, guaranteed minimum of 20 million motile sperm per cc and 20% motility.
  • IUI vials are 0.5cc making the guarantee 10 million motile sperm per vial.
  • IUI vials are recommended for intrauterine insemination (IUI) and vaginal insemination.
  • IUI vials may be used for IVF.

$2100 per vial (ART)

  • Washed vials, guaranteed minimum of 10 million motile sperm per cc with 15% motility.
  • ART vials are 0.5cc making the guarantee 5 million motile sperm per vial.
  • ART vials are recommended for IVF procedures.
  • ART vials with counts of 14+ million per cc (7+ million per vial) may be used for intrauterine insemination.

Vial storage fees

$150 per quarter for General Inventory vials*  (first six months included with the vial purchase, unless previously purchased vials are stored at TSBC)
$600 per year for Sibling Inventory vials*

  • Storage fees are per account not the number of vials stored

Donor extended profile includes childhood photos

$40 The extended profile includes the free profile plus a 15-20 page social questionnaire in the donor’s own handwriting which provides additional details about the donor and family members. Extended profiles can be purchased through links on the donor catalog.

Shipping and pick-up

$350 2-Day Shipping via Fedex in a 7-day Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Tank
$400 Overnight
$400 2-day Shipping with Saturday Delivery
$450 Overnight with Saturday Delivery
$25 daily tank rental fee for pick-ups (including the day you pick-up and the day you drop off)

$1500 and up international shipping rates
$250 Third party shipping facilitation fee
More details about international shipping

Other fees

$75 Same day cancellation fee
$100 Same day shipment setup fee
$50 Vial restocking fee
$50 Vial exchange fee (one donor to another)
$75 Vial exchange fee (recipient to another recipient, waived for transfers between partners)
$75 and up Genetic Consultation

Helpful hint

All sperm purchases must be placed over the phone with a Healthworker. An order for vials is not confirmed until you have spoken with a Healthworker.