We maintain complete records of pregnancies and outcomes, that include not only births, but also miscarriages, stillbirths, and therapeutic abortions. We also track when embryos are stored, with or without a pregnancy, and donated to others (when applicable). This helps us maintain a donor’s family limit, track health and medical information for donors, recipients, and children, and provide ongoing services to families after children are born.

This report concerns your most recent pregnancy and/or creation of embryos with TSBC samples. If you are unsure about a question or prefer not to answer, just leave it blank or enter ‘unsure’ / ‘withheld’ and a Healthworker will follow-up with you. We guarantee complete confidentiality. No identifying information is released. If you prefer to mail or fax the form, click here for a pdf version or simply fill out the form below, print it, and fax or mail it in. Thank you for your time.

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