A Transfer Account is for people who have sperm samples that were originally collected, processed, and stored at another bank, and would like those samples to now be stored at TSBC. You can arrange to transfer these samples to TSBC for storage. See Personal Sperm Storage Fees for pricing.

TSBC cannot accept transferred samples until (1) all paperwork outlined below is received including written documentation that all screening requirements have been fulfilled and (2) transfer storage has been approved by our Executive Director.  Any vials shipped to us before these steps have been completed will be returned to sender.

Steps to establish a Transfer Account with TSBC:

  1. Contact TSBC at 510-841-1858 for initial consultation.
  2. Complete and submit all required paperwork.
  3. Ask the sending facility to complete and submit the following forms confirming the sample details and that all regulatory requirements have been met, including the 6-month quarantine if applicable.
  4. If transferring samples for sperm bank program donor or a Directed/Known Donor:
  5. If transferring your own sperm for autologous use such as with a spouse or other sexually intimate partner (SIP):
    • The Requirements for transferring Client Depositor Sperm To TSBC. This form must be completed and signed by a medical professional from the original or sending sperm bank.
    • Copies of all STI testing performed.
    • For Client Depositors, STI testing must have been performed no more than thirty (30) days prior to the initiation of sperm storage or up to three months after the samples were collected.
  6. Once the transfer request has been approved by our Executive Director, call us to arrange for TSBC to retrieve the vials or schedule delivery of the vials to TSBC (the approval process timeline will depend on how quickly documents are received).