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Who could have envisioned 40 years ago that TSBC families would lead the way in openness in donor conception and acceptance of diverse families? We invite you to partner with us in supporting families built with the assistance of TSBC, including donor-conceived people, many of whom are now adults, current and future parents, and donors, by joining our sustaining circle with a monthly donation. Learn more about how you can help!

“I choose to support TSBC because their good work helped my wife and me create our beautiful family, for which I will always be grateful. I want to help ensure other people can also create the families they dream of. Even more than that, though, I believe the way TSBC leads this field in research, policy development, and care for everyone involved in the process–donors, recipients, and especially donor-conceived people–reinforces that we chose the right sperm bank to help build our family.”

-J, TSBC mom

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Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us provide free researched-backed resources and education with an updated, mobile optimized website. Our website (a key communication tool especially during a pandemic) is currently running on software that will no longer be supported. Despite the challenges of the pandemic leading to a reduction in our fee-for-service revenue, we have been able to keep our programs running and maintain the stability of our organization with the support of donations from our TSBC community and government grant and loan programs. What we have not been able to do is keep our infrastructure updated.

“I appreciate The Sperm Bank of California for their inclusivity and commitment to LGBTQI families. TSBC was hit hard by COVID and I encourage you to join me in donating if you can to make sure others are able to experience the quality customer service and joy of working with this agency to help build a family.”
-TSBC mom, Esther M.

Donate to The Sperm Bank of California

The Sperm Bank of California is small yet mighty–the little sperm bank that could do (and continues to do) what no other has done before. TSBC started in 1982 as the first program to provide donor sperm services to lesbians and single women. We continue to offer services centering the LGBTQ community and single parents by choice, including storing genetic material for trans* folks planning a family in the future. Our Identity-Release® Program, the oldest, most thoroughly researched, open-identity donation program in the world, allows donor-conceived adults the option to learn the identity of their donor. In this spirit of openness, we were also the first sperm donation program to offer the option for families to connect with others who share their donor through our Family Contact List.

“For us, TSBC was a lifeline when there were no options. It was exactly what we needed and had the values and commitment that set it apart from all others. These are extraordinary times, and I truly hope TSBC will be able to weather this storm. Our son was/is the greatest gift and TSBC had a critical role in his creation. Thanks for all you do!” -TSBC mom, Janet S.

Consider the role TSBC has played in your life to help you build your family—your donation will help us provide the same services and support to others. If you have not used our services, consider how important an ethically-run, researched-backed, LGBTQ centered, family building program is in a field increasingly filled with large for-profit companies.

“For those of us able to lend a hand, let’s pitch in to show our support for a non-profit organization that helps us grow our families, that chooses personal values and integrity over profit, and that dedicates itself with pride and inclusivity to making our dreams come true.”

-Christy Tyner, Author of Zak’s Safari

Please make a contribution today to sustain our unique, inclusive program that provides ethical family building options to our diverse community.