Our award-winning research program guides the services we offer including our family limits, Family Contact List, Identity-Release® Program, and implications counseling for donors. We also provide the following self-directed resources for our families.


For over 30 years, The Sperm Bank of California has been involved in research about family-building through donor insemination. Research findings shape how we provide family-building options and inform the long-term services and support we provide the families, the donors and their respective families.

Latest research

Read briefs from The Sperm Bank of California’s key research findings.

Insemination methods and outcomes

As a service to our recipients, we make our conception rates available.

Research publications

View a list of our research publications and learn how to gain access to the full text.

Getting support

There are experts who provide informational sessions on family-building through donor conception. Many recipients and parents find it helpful to seek expert guidance, and find this knowledge to be useful as they move through this process.

Transgender resources

Navigating the world of personal sperm storage can be challenging, confusing and frustrating. We provide a list of resources below that may provide additional information and support, as you decide whether storing genetic material (sperm) is right for you.

For parents of transgender minors

Change can be challenging. We recognize that understanding the process of a family member or child’s gender transition is different for everyone. We have collected resources below which may be helpful for cisgender family members to deepen their understanding of gender and/or get support from other cisgender people.

Books & websites

View recommended reading, websites, videos and TSBC interviews to help guide you.

Pregnancy loss

If you have suffered a pregnancy loss using a TSBC donor, please know that we are here to support you. We review some basic facts about miscarriage and the resulting emotional impact for those who may face this difficult—and common—experience.

Heterosexual couples using donor insemination

Disclosure to children regarding their donor origins allows for open and honest communication throughout their lifetime, provides children with accurate health information, and lets children know they are loved for exactly who they are. It signals there is no shame in this way of having a family. We give you resources for this important discussion.

Resources for Black and POC Recipients

We know Black and other people of color (POC) face unique challenges in their conception, pregnancy, and parenting journeys. From the lack of donors of color, to medical biases, and financial considerations, TSBC is dedicated to providing resources and support for all our recipients as they start or continue their conception journey. We have compiled these resources to help support you on your path to parenthood.