If you are unsure what type of account to open, please read about the options and/or call our staff at 510.841.1858 to discuss. If the storage client (donor) is not your intimate partner, you will need to open a Directed Donor or Known Donor account.

  • It is important for recipients to be involved in the Directed Donor and Known Donor screening process from the very beginning in order to ensure clear communication between all parties.
  • You and your donor will have joint decisions to make regarding the type of account, donor screening, how many storage visits the donor should make, and whether to wash semen samples for intrauterine insemination (IUI) prior to storage.
  • Call us at 510.841.1858 for an initial consultation prior to scheduling the first appointment.
We recommend that individuals storing for a designated recipient schedule a semen analysis and test thaw appointment with TSBC prior to storing sperm.

At this appointment, the donor provides a sperm sample for evaluation only—the sample is destroyed after analysis and cannot be used for insemination. Our lab will perform a semen analysis, freeze it, and thaw it at least 48 hours later to assess cryo survival.

The semen analysis indicates the donor’s general fertility, and the test thaw analysis indicates how well the donor’s sperm survives freezing (anywhere from 50% to 80% of sperm die in the freezing process). Based on the results, we can provide information to help determine if the donor is a good candidate for sperm banking.  Depending on the counts, you can make decisions on whether to store, how many vials to collect, and what insemination or IVF procedures would provide the best chance of conception.

We recommend that you discuss your donor’s semen analysis results and your family building goals with your medical providers to determine how many collection appointments to schedule. The number of vials created at each visit depends on the volume of the sperm sample and the method of processing (washed for IUI or raw freeze). Samples are usually one to four cc. Usually, a 1cc vial equals one attempt at pregnancy (insemination or IVF), but sperm count and motility will determine which methods are likely to be successful.

Sperm counts and sample volume will vary from appointment to appointment. It is not possible to know in advance how many vials will be produced with each sample collection. It is also not possible to predict how many vials will be needed to produce a pregnancy as it depends on the method used and the fertility of the individuals involved. These decisions are individualized. Our team can provide general information but your medical providers will be best able to assist you.

Recipient Information Form (CD/DD/KD)

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