Parents: Report your pregnancy and birth to maintain TSBC’s 10-family limit and get access to TSBC family services

Family Contact List

The Family Contact List is an opt-in program that is open to parents and donor-conceived adults who are interested in contact with others who share the same donor. To join the list we require that a request be made in writing by letter, email, or filling out the Family Contact List Form on our website. Get more information about the Family Contact List.

Planning for siblings?

We make every effort to provide inventory to families who wish to have more than one child with the same donor’s assistance. Sibling inventory is set aside from general inventory and is only available to recipients and their partners who have already had a child using the donor. While there is sibling inventory for most donors, we are unable to guarantee the availability of sibling inventory. Learn more about sibling inventory and inquire with a healthworker (510-841-1858 ext. 0 or email). Please view the current Sibling Catalog for donor availability.

Second parent adoption and/or pre-birth (Judgments of Parentage) letters

For coupled parents who decide to pursue legal adoption status for the non-gestational parent, verification may be required that donor sperm was used. Courts require this documentation to establish that no other parent will come forward to claim parental rights.
Click here for information on requesting a letter

Parenting resources

We have web and print resources to help you with issues such as deciding how to discuss donor conception with your child, how to discuss the Identity-Release® Program, and more specific issues such as those unique to LGBTQ+ parenting, parenting as single parent, or parenting as a DI Dad.