Call us at 510-841-1858 to schedule a shipment or pick-up for vial retrieval. The client/donor, Authorized Representative (AR) and/or registered recipient can call to schedule vial retrieval. There are additional fees associated with retrieval, pick-up, and shipping. See Vial Retrieval Information.

Arranging retrieval

  1. Please call at least seven days before you need your vials to leave our office if shipping to guarantee tank availability. Please call at least 24 to 48 hours ahead to schedule a pick-up appointment. We will try to accommodate retrieval requests with less notice but cannot guarantee availability
  2. After the shipment or pick-up has been scheduled, please complete and return a CDDDKD shipping/pick up confirmation form. This form must be returned before the vials can be retrieved.

To register a recipient, please follow these steps

  1. All recipients will need to complete the CD/DD/KD Recipient Information form and the Medical Professional’s Signature form.
  2. Recipients of Client Depositors will need also need to complete the CD Informed Consent.
  3. Recipients with Directed Donors will need to also complete the DDKD Informed Consent.
  4. Recipients with Known Donors will need to complete the KD waiver, acknowledging they have waived the recommended quarantine period as well as the DDKD Informed Consent.

All recipient registration forms can be located on the recipient required forms page.

Helpful hint

Once all vials have left our facility the account will be closed.

Please contact us at 510-841-1858 or [email protected] for an Account Termination form if you no longer wish to store sperm with TSBC.

The form can be completed by the donor or Authorized Representative.