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All vial purchases are non-refundable.

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We know many families wish to have more than one child using the assistance of the same donor. We make every effort to make this option available by reserving vials for sibling inventory.  This provides a higher chance of being able to purchase vials from the same donor.

To help us provide sibling inventory, please report your pregnancy soon after conception and let us know your plans regarding siblings as soon as you are pregnant. This will help us estimate sibling inventory needs, and advise you on purchasing and storing vials with us (storage fees are automatically charged at the time the vials are purchased). The only way to guarantee vials for future use is to purchase them as soon as possible.

The Sibling Catalog is a catalog of vial inventory specifically for families that have already had a child using a particular donor. Once a donor reaches the 10 family limit, or has limited inventory and families interested in sibling inventory, they are taken off the General Catalog and are only accessible through the Sibling Catalog.

Since 2020, donors are leaving our program earlier than in the past, resulting in fewer vials being collected. Although we do our best to reserve vials for siblings, we are unable to guarantee them and encourage families to purchase vials and store them with TSBC until they are ready to try to conceive again. This provides the greatest opportunity for siblings using the same donor in the future. 

A donor typically is not added to the Sibling Catalog until they have one or more births. Donors may appear on both the Sibling and General Catalogs until their family limit has been met or remaining inventory is low. Even if a donor does not appear on the Sibling Catalog but vials are available in General, they can be purchased for siblings.

Sibling inventory can only be purchased after a family has reported the birth of the first child. If a family is interested in inventory before the birth of the child, samples can be purchased from general inventory, depending on availability. A family will continue to pay general inventory quarterly storage until the birth of the first child. Following the birth, the storage will convert from quarterly to annual sibling inventory at the time the next quarterly storage is due.

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Annual sibling storage fee is charged at the time of purchase. We waive the annual storage fee if vials are scheduled to leave our facility within two weeks of purchase.