Legal parentage: wondering how to legally protect your LGBTQ family?

Clinic (virtual) on California Domestic Partner & Second Parent Adoption

The National Center for Lesbian Rights recommend this LGBTQ parenting guide put out by the NY Times.

GLAD, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders, work to protect LGBTQ+ rights to form, parent and live as a family; see their resources.

Guides for donor-conceived people/people with LGBTQ+ parents

COLAGE has updated, downloadable guides created by and for people with LGBTQ+ parents: Donor Conceived Guide and People with Trans Parents Guide.

LGBTQ Family Building: A Guide for Prospective Parents

Goldberg, Abbie. American Psychological Association (APA) 2022. This book provides LGBTQ+ parents and prospective parents with the detailed, evidence‑based knowledge they need to navigate the transition to parenthood, and help their children thrive.

Queer Conception : The Complete Fertility Guide for Queer and Trans Parents-To-Be

Kali, Kristin L. Sasquatch Books, 2022. Fertility guide for LGBTQ+ and single people interested in creating family through pregnancy. Evidence-based, written by an experienced health care provider.

Queer parent perspective

What does it is mean to be an LGBTQ parent planning a family? What does it mean for donor-conceived people (as kids and as adults) to grow up in queer families? Here is a parent’s perspective.

DC dad & openness

Vince Londini: Father of three children conceived by donor conception. Vince provides an important voice not heard enough in the media. See his commentary on openness in families with donor origins.

DC adults speak

Good Morning America talks with LGBTQ+ families

Podcast Dibs: Welcome to the Family. Hear what it’s like to come from a family created with the assistance of a sperm donor. Interviewer Aiden Wood talks with people who have a donor (some who share her donor!) and others from the world of donor-assisted family building.

Legal Resource Clinic

Clinic (virtual) on California Domestic Partner & Second Parent Adoption

LGBTQ conception, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting

Maia Midwifery support groups and classes in Seattle, Berkeley and online.

Queer birthing education

Embodied Birth offers regularly occurring online classes with a focus on affirming all genders and family structures.

Kids ages 8+ who have one or more LGBTQ+ parents

COLAGE Peer Support Groups Variety of options for a variety of families.

LGBTQ families

Our Family Coalition advances equity for the full and expanding spectrum of LGBTQ families and children through support, education, and advocacy: workshops, support groups, play groups, and other resources.

Requests from individuals and organizations outside TSBC

Seeking two-parent families

Family with UCSF brain study text overlayThis study addresses a fundamental question: “Is the way the brain functions similar in parents and their children, and if so, does the similarity result from genes, environment, or a combination of genes and environment?” This research will provide practical answers to our natural curiosity about the role of nature vs. nurture in child growth and development.

Parents will fill out questionnaires at home and parent and child will participate in neuropsychological assessments via video at home. The last step is for parents and child to come to UCSF for brain imaging using non-invasive MRI scans. Strict COVID-19 safety protocols are in place for everyone’s protection during the MRI visit.

Your family will receive:

  1. $100 for each parent and $50 for each child
  2. A family brain portrait
  3. An in-depth neuropsychological assessment report for your child (and parents too if you wish!)

If you’re a family that has used IVF and/or sperm or egg donation with a child(ren) age 7-12, UCSF researchers want to hear from you! Learn more and fill out our survey at!

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