A Client Depositor (CD) account is for individuals who are storing semen for use with their spouse or sexually intimate partner. Please see Sperm Storage Fees for pricing.

Helpful hint

If there is a chance anyone other than your partner would carry, it is recommended to open the Directed Donor account. Samples stored under a CD account cannot be used by someone who is not a sexually intimate partner. A CD account cannot be converted to a Directed/Known Donor account at a later date due to different required FDA testing and screening.

For information regarding storage for a minor, please see Sperm Storage Clients under 18 FAQs.

To get started

  • Read all the information below.
  • Call us at 510.841.1858 for more information and to schedule your initial appointment.
  • We recommend 2-5 days of abstinence before each appointment for best counts.

Initial visit

  • Expect to be in our office for one hour during the initial office visit.
  • Complete required documents and sign the Storage Agreement.
  • Provide a semen sample in a private room. This sample will be processed for storage which includes a fresh semen analysis and a post-thaw analysis to assess sperm survival.
  • Have blood drawn and provide a urine sample to test for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).
  • Pay initial account set-up fees.

Return visits

  • Call us at 510.841.1858 to schedule return appointments.
  • Return appointments are 30 minutes.
  • Please see Sperm Storage Fees for pricing. Additional collection appointments are fee for service.

How many appointments?

We recommend that you discuss your semen analysis results and family building goals with your medical providers to determine how many collection appointments to have.  The number of vials created at each visit depends on the volume of the sperm sample and the processing methods. Samples are usually one to four cc. Usually, a 1cc vial equals one attempt at pregnancy (insemination or IVF), but sperm count and motility will determine which methods are likely to be successful.

Sperm counts and sample volume will vary from appointment to appointment. It is not possible to know in advance how many vials will be produced with each ejaculate. It is also not possible to predict how many vials will be needed to produce a pregnancy as it depends on the method used and the fertility of the individuals involved.

For a Client Depositor Account, we do a complete semen analysis on your sample to determine sperm count and motility. If your sample contains no sperm, we will not store the sample and will only charge you for a semen analysis. However, we will store all semen samples that contain some genetic material. Advances in reproductive technologies make it possible for conception to occur, even with samples with very low sperm counts or even from samples with non-motile sperm. If you would like to have a semen analysis only (without storing the sample or having STI testing), please schedule that separately.


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