A Known Donor (KD) account is for individuals storing sperm for a designated recipient who may or may not be their intimate partner or spouse (such as a friend or partner of a sibling). A KD account should be opened when the need is time-sensitive, for example, the age of the recipient or the donor is traveling from out of state. Please see Sperm Storage Fees for pricing.

This account is similar to a Directed Donor except this account waives the recommended 6 month quarantine. Instead, for a KD account, STI testing must be completed within 7-days each sample collected. 

Waiving of the quarantine period has to be approved by our Medical Director after reviewing the screening documents and physical exam. Our Medical Director will require the 6 month quarantine if the information provided shows a higher risk of disease transmission.  Additionally, some fertility clinics will not accept vials that have not been quarantined. Please verify with your medical provider that waiving the quarantine is an option.

Helpful hint

Are you storing for a designated recipient (and not for yourself)? We highly recommend you schedule a semen analysis and test thaw appointment with TSBC prior to setting up a storage account to assess your fertility. This is to determine your sperm count, volume, and how well your sperm survives the freezing process.

To get started

  • Read all the information below.
  • Contact us at [email protected] or 510.841.1858 for more information and to request the required forms.
  • All of the forms must be submitted for review before appointments can be scheduled. The medical director may require a Directed Donor account with a 6-month quarantine if the screening forms indicate increased risk of disease transmission.
  • A physical exam, which must include a visual genital exam, has to be performed and submitted for review prior to the first appointment.
  • After all documents are submitted, call 510.841.1858 to schedule the first appointment.

Important regulatory information

  • This account has FDA required screening and STI testing.
  • Screening: Specific paperwork, documents and a medical exam are required prior to initial visit.  Additional screening forms are required at the initial visit.
  • Testing: All collection appointments need to be within seven days of STI testing. If collecting over a longer period of time, STI testing will need to be repeated within 7 days of every collection appointment.
  • Timeline: Vials are available for retrieval after all documents and STI test results have been reviewed by our Medical Director and approved for release. This usually takes three to four weeks from the first collection appointment.

Initial visit

  • Expect to be in our office for one hour during the initial office visit.
  • Complete required documents and sign the Storage Agreement.
  • Provide a semen sample in a private room. This sample will be processed for storage which includes a fresh semen analysis and a post-thaw analysis to assess sperm survival.
  • Have blood drawn and provide a urine sample to test for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).
  • Pay initial account set-up fees.

Return visits

  • Call us at 510.841.1858 to schedule return appointments.
  • Return collection appointments are 30 minutes, may be longer if repeat STI testing is required.
  • Repeat STI testing is required within 7 days of every sample stored.
  • Please see Sperm Storage Fees for pricing. Additional collection appointments and repeat STI testing are fee for service.