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  • I request to join TSBC’s Family Contact List.
  • I consent to the release of information regarding my family (including adult names, at least one email address, and other specified contact information, and gender/birth year of donor-conceived individuals) to other families who share the same donor as described in the Family Contact List Information.
  • For families with more than one parent: I agree to inform my partner and/or former partner (i.e., the children’s other parent(s)) that I am joining TSBC’s Family Contact List.

I understand that donors in the  Identity-ReleaseⓇ Program have consented to release of their identity by TSBC to donor-conceived adults.  I acknowledge that donors anticipate their identity will be shared through the structured process of the Identity-ReleaseⓇ Program and that TSBC’s Family Contact List is not intended to be a means of sharing identifying information about the donor.

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