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We are not able to ship internationally at this time due to the pandemic. We will update the website once international shipping is available. 

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Why Choose The Sperm Bank of California?

A Message from our Executive Director

Starting or expanding your family using donor insemination or sperm storage is a leap into the unknown. Working with The Sperm Bank of California is like having a trusted friend by your side on your journey to parenthood.

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Resources & Research

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Conception Strategies For Women

A list of strategies helpful for women seeking to become pregnant.

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Insemination and Pregnancy

Learn about Insemination Methods and outcomes

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Transgender Resource Guide

Resources for transgender individuals.

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  • — TSBC experience with donor conception, July 2019
  • “Perfect!! I really appreciate working with TSBC, you have been so tolerant and empathetic, thank you.” — R~, April 2016
  • The Sperm Bank of California does not dilute their sperm with fillers like many other banks do. An ejaculate yields two vials. — Rachel, May 2011
  • I worked with TSBC (The Sperm Bank of CA) and highly highly recommend them for a host of reasons. In no particular order — Chrissy, April 2011
  • “Thanks! I really appreciate how helpful and responsive you all have been. This process, especially as a single woman, is so intense and can feel difficult in unexpected ways. I have just loved every interaction I have had with TSBC so far, and have felt" — Erica, April 2016
  • We have two wonderful children using The Sperm Bank of California who are healthy and happy. — Rebekah, TSBC mom of two, August 2011
  • The Sperm Bank of California was great & easy to deal with. Their website is simple, but not flashy; their profiles are very personal & thorough. — Evelyn, April 2011
  • "We wanted to thank TSBC for being such a key support to us throughout our journey into pregnancy and parenthood. In particular, we wanted to express our thanks for the family contact list. We so appreciate the thoughtful, evidence-based, queer-friendly r — TSBC Moms, November 2017
  • “We can't thank you enough for all your hard work with us today. I can't imagine any of the other banks we considered would have put this much thought, support, honesty, and understanding into helping us.” — Meghan, January 2017
  • Another vote for The Sperm Bank of California. I researched 2 or 3 other banks in California and others nationwide. — Kim, July 2011
  • “Honestly, right now there is only one sperm bank that I can recommend, and that is The Sperm Bank of California (TSBC).” — Wendy Kramer, Co-founder and Director of The Donor Sibling Registry, from the Huffington Post "Choosing a Sperm Bank...What to Know" 8/23/17, August 2017
  • “Thanks so much for your help and prompt email. Honestly, in that short conversation you proved to be the kindest person I think my husband I have worked with in this whole process - thank you!" — Jennifer , January 2017