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Why choose TSBC?

The Sperm Bank of California is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing ethical family building options to our diverse community. We have an unwavering commitment to the well-being of parents, children, and donors.

The TSBC difference

* Prompt reporting of pregnancies and pregnancy outcomes allows us to maintain our ten-family limit. Unreported pregnancies, delayed reporting, and vials or embryos stored at clinics without our knowledge, can lead to a donor having more than 10 families.


“I can’t imagine any of the other banks we considered would have put this much thought, support, honesty, and understanding into helping us.”

– Meghan

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All purchases are made over the phone with a TSBC staff person.

Alice Ruby, MPH, MPPM

A Message from Our Executive Director

Starting or expanding your family using donor conception or sperm storage is a leap into the unknown. Working with The Sperm Bank of California is like having a trusted friend by your side on your journey to parenthood.

Resources and Research

Conception Strategies

Helpful recommendations for people trying to conceive

Insemination and Pregnancy

Learn about Insemination Methods and Outcomes

Transgender Resource Guide

Resources for transgender individuals