We have three different types of storage accounts. When you call to set up your initial appointment, you will be asked which type of account that you wish to open. Please read the account types carefully.

If you are not sure what type of account is appropriate for your situation, please ask us! Once an account is established we cannot convert it to a different type of account as the screening, testing, and quarantine requirements for each account type are different.

Read about Sperm Storage FAQs.

Helpful hint

Once the account type is established, it cannot be changed. This is particularly important with the Client Depositor account which is for sexually intimate partners only and cannot be changed retroactively to accommodate use of the samples by anyone other than a sexually intimate partner.

The logistics for the account types differ based on whether the samples will be used by a sexually intimate partner, or by a friend (or other person such as a surrogate) known to the sperm provider. These screening, testing, and quarantine differences are regulatory requirements intended to reduce the possibility of disease transmission.

A Client Depositor (CD) is an individual who stores sperm for the use of their spouse or other sexually intimate partner. Samples stored as a CD cannot be used by someone who is not a sexually intimate partner.

  • If there is a chance anyone other than your partner would carry, it is recommended to open the Directed Donor account.
  • To open a CD account, call us to schedule an initial collection appointment

A Directed Donor (DD) is an individual who stores sperm for a designated recipient who may or may not be an intimate partner or spouse. There are more options with this type of account and the added safety of the 6 month quarantine.

  • All stored vials in this account are quarantined for six months prior to release.
  • We recommend opening a Directed Donor account for minors (or anyone who is unsure who will carry a pregnancy), as it offers the most flexibility for use in the future.
  • The first step to open a DD account is to call or email us.  The sperm provider will need to complete screening documents and a physical exam prior to scheduling the first collection appointment.
Helpful hint

Legal Parentage: Wondering how to legally protect your LGBTQ family?
Our friends at The National Center for Lesbian Rights recommend this LGBTQ parenting guide put out by the NY Times.

We recommend that recipients and their directed/known donors consult with a lawyer in their state to create a written donor-recipient contract. The National Center for Lesbian Rights (1-800-528-NCLR) is a useful resource.

A Known Donor (KD) is the same as a Directed Donor (see above) but allows the recipient to waive the recommended six-month quarantine of the semen samples.

  • Waiving of the quarantine period has to be approved by our Medical Director after reviewing the screening documents and physical exam.
  • A KD account should be opened when the need is time-sensitive, for example, the age of the recipient or the donor is traveling from out of state.
  • The first step to open a KD account is to call or email us.  The sperm provider will need to complete screening documents and a physical exam prior to scheduling the first collection appointment.

Important information for recipients before opening an account

  • It is important for recipients to be involved in the Directed Donor and Known Donor screening process from the very beginning in order to ensure clear communication between all parties.
  • You and your donor will have joint decisions to make regarding the type of account, donor screening, how many storage visits the donor should make, and whether to wash semen samples for intrauterine insemination (IUI) prior to storage.
  • Call us at 510.841.1858 for an initial consultation prior to scheduling the first appointment.

A Transfer Account is for individuals who have sperm samples stored elsewhere in the United States but would like to have those samples transferred and stored at TSBC.

  • Documentation of the client or donor screening, and details regarding the number of vials to be shipped, are required.
  • Account must be approved by our directors before we can accept shipped vials.
  • We are unable to provide transfer storage services for sperm samples collected and screened outside of the US.