Donor availability is noted on our donor catalog using the terminology below. We keep this information current with frequent updates as anything changes.

Temporarily Sold Out

When donors have no available inventory currently but will have more vials released in the future, we can place interested recipients on the donor’s notification list. These donors are designated with a “Next Available” month and year. Once a donor has had the STI testing needed to release vials from quarantine, we will put a more specific date for release on the catalog.

Donors on Family Limit Hold

When a donor is close to reaching our 10 family limit, we will place the donor on hold. These donors will not be available for purchase from the General Catalog while on hold. We do not create notification lists for these donors as it can be several months before a final determination is made and there is a good chance that the inventory will not become available for new families. Donors who are on family limit hold may have sold vials placed on hold as well. If a recipient owns vials from a donor on family limit hold, those vials may not be available for release. In those instances, recipients can exchange the vials, complete a refund, or retain the vials in case the donor returns to the General Catalog. Recipients can check the catalog or call us periodically to see if a donor is returned to the catalog.

Donor Available for Siblings Only

Once a donor reaches the 10 family limit, or only has enough inventory for siblings, they will be placed on the Sibling Catalog. Sibling vials can only be accessed by families who have had a live birth using the donor. Sibling vials can be used by the original recipient and any partners.

Donors that are Sold Out

Occasionally, donors will sell out without reaching the 10 family limit. This could be due to leaving our program early or simply all vials were sold before they reached family limit. In those instances, we will leave the donor on the General Catalog in case pregnant recipients wish to purchase the profile. Once all pregnancy outcomes have been received, the donor will be moved to the Sibling Catalog.

Helpful information regarding donor inventory and notification lists

  • Please be advised that being on a notification list is not a guarantee that vials will be available for purchase in the future or that you will be able to purchase vials once they are released.
  • All donor inventory must remain in quarantine for a minimum of six months. Before we can release any of the quarantined vials, the donor must have repeat testing for sexually transmitted infections, with all negative results. Donors typically have blood testing every three to six months.
  • We will not know in advance the exact number of vials that will be released or the exact date when test results will be returned, so we can only give you an approximate number of vials and approximate date for each inventory release.
  • Recipients may request to be added to multiple notification lists simultaneously. Often, extremely popular donors will sell out before all interested recipients have purchased vials. It is recommended that a recipient have a backup donor or two.
  • Vials are sold on a first come first served basis.