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Transfer Storage

A Transfer Account is for people who have sperm samples that were originally collected, processed, and stored at another bank, and would like those samples to now be stored at TSBC. You can arrange to transfer these samples to TSBC for short-term or long-term storage.

To establish a Transfer Account with TSBC you will need to:

  • Please contact us at 510-841-1858 to discuss the transfer storage process before getting started
  • Submit all required paperwork including the TSBC Storage Agreement and Recipient Information form. If you are the person who collected the sperm samples, please complete the Sperm Storage Client Information form instead of the Recipient Information form. 
  • Have the sending facility complete the applicable Requirements for Transfer form and provide documentation regarding the testing and quarantine of the vials
  • Arrange for TSBC to retrieve the vials or schedule delivery of the vials to TSBC

Please note that TSBC will not accept transferred samples until we receive written documentation that all screening requirements have been fulfilled.

  • If the provider of the sperm samples is storing for their spouse or sexually intimate partner, we need documentation that the provider completed all the screening detailed in our Requirements for Transfer to TSBC of Client Depositor Sperm. This form must be completed and signed by a medical professional from the original sperm bank.
  • Fees:
    • $1100 - Account set up, including first 12 months of storage 
    • $550 - Annual storage (beginning 12 months after account set up)
    • $280-$330 to retrieve vials from the sending facility or to ship vials to other locations
    • $25 per day to rent a LN2 vapor tank for local retrievals
    • $75 - Fee for vial retrieval, each time you retrieve vials from your account

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