How Much Does It Cost?

Recipient Registration Fee

$100 (process takes 3 - 5 business days)
$200 (expedite-registration processed within 1 business day)

Identity-Release® Program Donor Sperm

Adults conceived from these donors will have the option to receive their donor's identity.  Identity-Release® Program donors agree in advance to release their identity. 

  • $820 per 1cc Unwashed (ICI) vial 
  • $900 per .5cc Washed (IUI) vial 
  • Purchase 6 vials or more at one time and receive an instant 5% discount
  • Anonymous Donor Vials (available only for Sibling Inventory) are the same price


Vial Storage Fees
  • Minimum of 3 months of FREE storage with first purchase- ask Healthworker for exact date
  • $100 per quarter there after for General Inventory vials  
  • $300 per year for Sibling Inventory vials 
Combo Donor Extended Profile and Donor Childhood Photo - Order Through Catalog
  • $40  each - jpegs and pdf sent via email
    (an extended profile is the free profile plus 15-20 more pages of details filled out by the donor. Get info on their diet and exercise, drug taking history and descriptions of each of their family members)
Donor Extended Profiles Without Photo- Avail For Every Donor - Order Through Catalog
  • $15 each, pdf sent via email
Shipping and Pick-ups

2-Day Ship via Federal Express® in a 7-day Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Tank

Overnight and Saturday Delivery via Federal Express® in a 7-day Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Tank|

7-day Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Tank Rental
$25 per day (including the day you pick-up and the day you drop off)

Restocking a vial

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