We are not able to ship internationally at this time due to the pandemic. We will update the website once international shipping is available. 

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How Much Does It Cost?

Recipient Registration Fee

$100 (3 - 5 business days to process)
$200 (expedited registration processed within 1 business day)

Identity-Release® Program Donor Sperm

Adults conceived from these donors will have the option to receive their donor's identity.  Identity-Release® Program donors agree in advance to release their identity. 

  • $940 per 1cc Unwashed (ICI) vial 
  • $1020 per .5cc Washed (IUI) vial 
  • Purchase 6 vials or more at one time and receive a 5% discount


Vial Storage Fees
  • 3 months of complimentary storage with first vial purchase
    • Ask a Healthworker for the storage start date
  • $125 per quarter there after for General Inventory vials  
  • $350 per year for Sibling Inventory vials 
Donor Extended Profile and Donor Childhood Photo
  • $40 each - jpegs and pdf sent via email. The transaction will be billed as e-technologies.
    • An extended profile is the free profile plus 15-20 more pages of details filled out by the donor. Get info on their diet and exercise, drug taking history,4 and descriptions of each of their family members
Shipping and Pick-ups

2-Day Ship via Federal Express® in a 7-day Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Tank

Overnight and Saturday Delivery via Federal Express® in a 7-day Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Tank|
$275 to $300

Up to 7-day Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Tank Rental
$25 per day (including the day you pick-up and the day you drop off)

Restocking a vial

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