TSBC Staff and Board

~ Executive Director  ~  Medical Director and Tissue Bank Director  ~Research Director ~ Genetic Counselor ~  The Board ~Medical Advisory Committee​

Executive Director

Alice Ruby, MPH, MPPM

Alice Ruby joined TSBC in 2002 with over 20 years experience in health care, including health education, research, and client services with an emphasis on women's health and sexual health issues. Her management experience and education have focused on the areas of non-profit administration, quality improvement, operations management, and customer service. She received Yale University’s School of Epidemiology and Public Health awards for commitment to social justice and community-based public health. Ms. Ruby collaborates on research with Dr. Scheib, Director of TSBC’s research program, and is also the mother of a donor-conceived child.

 Currently, Ms. Ruby serves on the Board of Advisors for Family Equality Council, a national organization that connects, supports, and represents LGBTQ families, and on the Board of Directors for Our Family Coalition, a Bay Area non-profit that advances equity* for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) families with children through support, education, and advocacy.

Medical Director and Tissue Bank Director

Lorraine Bonner, MD

Dr. Bonner is a graduate of Stanford University Medical School and a past Chair of the Ethics Committee at Summit Medical Center. She is currently a hospitalist on the staff of Alameda Hospital. Dr. Bonner has been TSBC's Medical Director since 2001.

Research Director

Joanna Scheib, PhD

Dr. Scheib conducts research on psychological and social issues related to donor insemination and family building. She joined TSBC in 1996 with a PhD from McMaster University in Canada and post-doctoral training from the Universities of New Mexico and California. In collaboration with an expert task force, Dr. Scheib conducted the needs assessment that was used to develop the Identity-Release® Program policy and services for donor-conceived people, donors, and their respective families. Current research includes identifying factors that predict conception and exploring the experiences of families, open-identity donors, and donor-conceived adults. Dr. Scheib is jointly appointed as Associate Adjunct Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of California, Davis.

Genetic Counselor

Cynthia Kane, MS, CGC

Cynthia Kane is a licensed, board certified genetic counselor with over 20 years of clinical experience in medical genetics. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings in the Bay Area providing prenatal, pediatric, adult and cancer genetic counseling and education. Cynthia has specific training in pedigree analysis and risk assessment for heritable disease, and has a particular interest in the field of dysmorphology (the study of physical traits and/or birth defects and their relation to genetic disorders). She has many years of experience providing both patient and professional education on a variety of topics in medical genetics.



TSBC has two boards that provide assistance with legal, medical, and ethical policy issues: a Board of Directors and a Medical Advisory Committee. The Board of Directors meets every other month to discuss current TSBC issues and to formulate policy. Members of the Medical Advisory Committee are available as needed to provide guidance in their respective areas of expertise.

Board of Directors

  • Alexsis Beach, Esq. (Co-President)
  • Julie Harris, PhD (Co-President)
  • Alice Philipson, Esq. (Treasurer)
  • Robert Vermeulen (Secretary)
  • Erica Breneman, MD 
  • Mickye Adams, MD
  • Tasha Wilson, LMSW 

Medical Advisory Committee

  • Lorraine Bonner, MD  (Medical/Tissue Bank Director)
  • Erica Breneman, MD (Ob/Gyn)
  • Mickye Adams, MD (Perinatology)
  • Dawn Banasiak, MS (Genetics)
  • Aimee Eyvazzadeh, MD, MPH (Reproductive Endocrinologist) 
  • Paul Turek, MD (Urology)
  • Jeffrey Burack, MD (General Medicine)
  • Susan Rubin, PhD (Ethics)
  • Maria Bustillo, MD (Reproductive Endocrinology)
  • Michael J. Bauer, MD (Tissue Banking and Infectious Disease)
  • Lauri Black, MS, LCGC (Genetics)