Please make a tax deductible gift to THE SPERM BANK OF CALIFORNIA. With your financial support, TSBC can continue to provide the warm atmosphere and innovative services that so many individuals, couples and their families have come to expect. Donations to TSBC also support our award-winning research program. If you are interested in participating in our research, email our research director Dr. Joanna Scheib (jescheib at ucdavis dot edu).

You may be wondering why TSBC asks for your support when we charge for our services. As the only nonprofit sperm bank in the US, we are dedicated to providing reproductive options to individuals and couples who might not otherwise be able to afford donor sperm or sperm storage. We are committed to keeping our prices low. Our staff freely offers information and education that is unavailable or costly at other banks. In addition, we conduct research on topics—such as lesbian family-building—that many grant-making foundations are unwilling to support. Our most recent work includes long-term follow-up on the Identity-Release® Program. This research is the first systematic study of the well-being and experience of adults conceived in an open-identity sperm donor program. 

When parents look at their children, they see the realization of their dreams. Make a gift to TSBC today and help make other families’ dreams come true.

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