We hope that all of our families, donors, and clients are safe. We have resumed our M-F schedule.  All recipient and client visits are by appointment only, including tank returns. We will post updates to our hours here. Please call us with questions or to schedule at 510.841.1858. Telephone hours are 9:30-4:30 PST.

We appreciate your continued support. If you are able, and appreciate our one-of-a-kind, ethical and inclusive, non-profit family-building program, please consider a tax-deductible donation to ensure others can also use TSBC to build their families.

We recognize that building your family in the midst of COVID can add additional challenges. Explore our “Getting Support” page for resources that can help, including a list of mental health providers that specialize in fertility. 

Sibling Inventory

The Sibling Catalog is a catalog of vial inventory specifically for families that have already had at least one child using a particular donor. When a family of a specific donor wants to purchase again to try for additional children, they will purchase from the Sibling Catalog instead of the General Catalog.

When a donor sells out or reaches the Family Limit, they are taken off the General Catalog. Having the Sibling Catalog means families have a higher chance of still being able to purchase vials from their same donor, even if a few years have passed since the birth of their first child using that donor.

We make every effort to provide inventory to families who wish to have more than one child using the same donor.  Please note that if the donor still has vials available in general inventory, they may not appear on the sibling inventory catalog. A donor typically is not added to the Sibling Catalog until they have one or more births.

Sibling inventory can only be purchased after a family has reported the birth of the first child. If a family is interested in inventory before the birth of the child, samples can be purchased from general inventory, depending on availability. A family will continue to pay general inventory quarterly storage until the birth of the first child. Following the birth, annual sibling inventory storage will begin. An annual ibling storage fee is charged at the time of purchase. General storage fees are charged quarterly, beginning 3 months after the vials are purchased.

We are unable to guarantee the availability of sibling inventory. If you are interested in sibling inventory, please inquire with a phone counselor.

Our full Sibling Catalog is viewable here.

Sibling Inventory
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