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Known Donor


A Known Donor Account is the same as a Directed Donor but for this account the recommended 6 month quarantine of the semen samples is waived. Instead, for a Known Donor account, the donor has to collect each sample within 7 days of the Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) blood and urine testing.

Approval to waive the 6 month quarantine is given after TSBC reviews all of the screening and health history documents, as well as the physical exam results. Our Medical Director will require the 6 month quarantine if the information provided shows a higher risk of disease transmission.  Additionally, some fertility clinics will not accept vials that have not been quarantined. Please verify with your medical provider that waiving the quarantine is an option. You may also contact us for more information at 510-841-1858 or staff@tsbca.org.

  • Screening and health history paperwork, documents and a Medical Exam are required prior to initial visit. Please contact us at 510-841-1858 or staff@tsbca.org to request the required documents.
  • Donor needs to be able to access our Berkeley office to open account and make deposits.
  • The initial cost to set-up this account is from $2600 and up (cost varies based on optional genetic testing, number of return visits, and if vials are washed).
  • From the date of the initial visit it takes an estimated 30 to 45 days for stored vials to be available for release after STI tests and documents are reviewed by our Medical Director and approved for release. 
  • Vials stored in this type of account will be releasable approximately 30-45 days after the account is opened.

How do I get started?

For Directed Donors and Known Donors we highly recommend you schedule a semen analysis and test thaw appointment with TSBC prior to setting up a storage account if you are storing for a recipient and not yourself. This is to determine the donor's general fertility, with the test thaw indicating how well the donor's sperm survives freezing. We will also assess volume, sperm count (before and after freezing), and motility as part of the semen analysis with test thAW.

At this appointment the donor will:

  • provide an ejaculate for evaluation only
  • the ejaculate is not stored and cannot be used for insemination.
  • our lab will perform a semen analysis on the sample, freeze a portion of the ejaculate, thaw and analyze the ejaculate at least 48 hours later to assess cryo survival.

To begin the sperm storage process please call us at 510-841-1858 or email us at staff@tsbca.org to request the required screening and health history documents and the informational packet. Once all the required paperwork has been completed, including an in-person physical exam, and returned to TSBC, please call to schedule the initial appointment. 

Before calling, please decide if you want to store the ejaculate raw/unwashed or washed/IUI-ready (there is an additional fee to wash each ejaculate). Our healthworkers will need this information to schedule the appointment.

At the Initial Appointment, the donor will:

  • Review and correct any paperwork and sign the Storage Agreement
  • Provide a semen sample for storage in our lab
  • Have blood and urine collected in our lab for the required STI testing

Please allow approximately one hour for the Initial Appointment. Any subsequent appointments for additional deposits are 30 minutes. You will need to call us at 510-841-1858 to schedule additional appointments.

Please email for more details. Or call 510.841.1858, option 1.