Types of Accounts

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A Client Depositor is an individual who stores sperm for the use with their spouse or intimate partner.

A Directed Donor is an individual who stores sperm for a designated recipient who may or may not be an intimate partner or spouse. Any stored vials in this account are quarantined for six months prior to release.

A Known Donor is the same as a Directed Donor but for this account the recipient has chosen to waive the recommended six-month quarantine of the semen samples.

A Transfer Account is for individuals who have sperm samples stored elsewhere but would like to have those samples transferred and stored at TSBC. 

At THE SPERM BANK OF CALIFORNIA (TSBC), we encourage recipients to be involved in the Directed Donor and Known Donor screening process from the very first visit in order to ensure clear communication between all parties. It’s helpful if the recipient is available to participate in the Account Set-Up appointment. When the recipient lives in another state, it is important that they consult by phone with her TSBC healthworker/case manager prior to the first appointment. 

The recipient and donor will have joint decisions to make regarding the donor’s screening, how many storage visits the donor should make, and whether to wash his semen samples for intrauterine insemination (IUI) prior to storage.