Identity-Release® Program Requests

Privacy Policy

Donor-conceived adults interested in requesting their donor's identity should complete the form below. If your donor is in the Identity-Release® Program, he has agreed to provide the following information about himself:

  • Name
  • Date & place of birth
  • Last known contact information

When TSBC contacts the donor to prepare for information-releases, he is given the option to provide updated medical and contact information, information about him and his family, a photo and whether or not he is open to being contacted by donor-conceived adults. Please consider the possibility that:

  • some but not all donors provide this updated information
  • some but not all donors are open to being contacted

After we receive your initial request form, we will match it with our records. Then Executive Director, Alice Ruby, will contact you to explain the process, answer your questions, and send you the necessary request forms. You may also email or call her at 510.841.1858 ext. 204. 

Your Contact Info

Additional Information

Your Family's Information

*List siblings in your own family, not people who share your donor but were raised by other parents.


We will be in contact soon. Thank you for your interest!