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Directed Donor


A Directed Donor is an individual who stores sperm for a designated recipient who may or may not be their intimate partner or spouse (friend, surrogate). Any stored vials in this account will be quarantined for six months prior to release. Additional blood and urine testing is required if you donate for longer than three months and at the end of the quarantine period.($650)

The initial cost to set-up this account is $2000 (cost will increase based on optional tests and number of return visits).

At the initial consultation, which will be conducted remotely via Zoom or telephone, the donor will: (approx. 30 min)

  • Finish required paperwork, review and sign the Storage Contract

At the first office visit, the donor will: (approx. one hour)

  • Provide a semen sample in our lab- this ejaculate will be analyzed, frozen and stored
  • Have your blood and urine collected 
  • Pay initial account set-up fees

Please note:

  • This account has FDA required testing and screening
  • There is six-month quarantine on all Directed Donor vials collected. An exit blood draw ($650) is required at least 6 months after the last collection appointment.
  • Specific paperwork, documents and a Medical Exam are required prior to initial visit.
  • Donor needs to be able to access our Berkeley office to open account and make deposits.
  • An exit blood draw is required 6 months after the last ejaculate is stored- not included in above fees. 
  • Vials will be releasable approximately 7+ months after the initial visit.

Choosing to make additional deposits:

  • Scheduled to store additional samples
  • Number of vials created from each visit depends on volume of the ejaculate
  • One vial equals one cc of semen
  • One cc vial equals one attempt at pregnancy

An EXIT blood draw is required 6 months after the last deposit. (Cost not included in the initial fees)

Because of the FDA required quarantine, vials stored in this type of account will be releasable approximately 7 months after the last semen deposit is made.

How do I get started?

For Directed Donors and Known Donors we highly recommend you schedule a semen analysis and test thaw appointment with TSBC prior to setting up a storage account.

  • At this appointment the donor will:
    • provide an ejaculate for evaluation
    • this ejaculate is not stored and cannot be used for insemination.
    • our lab will perform a complete semen analysis on the sample, freeze it, and thaw it a week later to assess cryo survival, we call this a "test thaw"
    • the semen analysis indicates the donor’s general fertility, and the test thaw indicates how well the donor’s sperm survives freezing.
    • This appointment is an office visit it is NOT the same as opening a Storage Account. 

To begin the sperm storage process please call us to ask any needed questions and to then request the required paperwork be emailed to you. Once all the required paperwork has been filled out by all parties (recipient and donor) and returned to TSBC then you can call and make an appointment for the Account Set Up. All paperwork must be received before the initial visit.

  • At the Initial Account Set Up visit the Donor will:
    • Review and sign the Storage Contract
    • Provide a semen sample for storage in our lab.
    • Have blood and urine collected in our lab
    • Once this visit is complete the account is open

Please allow up to 2 hours for the Initial Appointment. Any subsequent appointments for additional deposits are 30 minutes. 

Please email for more details. Or call 510.841.1858 ext. 4