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Client Depositor


For individuals who are storing semen for use with their spouse or intimate partner you will need to open a Client Depositor Account.

This account has minimal required FDA testing and costs from $1100 and up to set-up (prices for this type of account increase based on optional tests and number of return visits made)

To begin the sperm storage process please call us for more information and to schedule your initial appointment.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the initial appointment will now be two parts: an initial consultation via phone or Zoom and then the in-office appointment to provide a semen sample and have blood and urine collected.

The initial consultation appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. Expect to be in our office for one hour during the initial office visit.

At the Initial visit you will:

  • Review and correct previously submitted documents
  • Provide a semen sample in our lab- this ejaculate will be frozen, analyzed, and stored
  • Have your blood and urine collected
  • Pay initial account set-up fees

Choosing to make Return Deposits:
There is no way of knowing how many vials will be produced with each ejaculate and there is no way of being sure how many vials will be needed to produce a pregnancy. The number of vials produced is determined by the volume of the ejaculate and each ejaculate can varies. Subsequent appointments to make additional deposits are 30 minutes appointments.

  • Each return appointment to store additional ejaculates/vials costs $300
  • Number of vials created from each visit depends on volume of the ejaculate
  • Ejaculates are often 1 to 4 cc
  • One vial equals one cc
  • One cc vial equals one attempt at pregnancy

For a Client Depositor Account, we do a complete semen analysis on your sample to determine sperm count and motility. If your ejaculate contains no sperm, we won’t store the sample and we’ll reduce the fee for your visit. However, we will store all semen samples that contain some genetic material. Advances in reproductive technologies make it possible for conception to occur, even with samples with very low sperm counts or even from samples with non-motile sperm. if you would just like to have a semen analysis please schedule that separately.

Please call for more questions and to schedule. 510.841.1858