We will be closed November 24th and 25th in observance of Thanksgiving. Please be advised our shipping will be closed on Wednesday November 23rd.

Please be advised, masks are required when visiting our facility. Thank you!

Sperm Purchase Process

To purchase sperm with us, you need to first Get Registered. While you are doing that, read through our website and start looking at the Donor Catalog. We add and subtract donors on our Donor Catalog on an ongoing basis. We suggest you to check it frequently for new donors and changes in availability of current donors. If donor inventory is temporarily unavailable, we can put you on a notification list and send you an email when the donor is available. We encourage you to call us at least one month before you plan your first insemination to get registered, ask questions and become familiar with the process.

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To Buy Sperm

  • Follow the steps to Get Registered
  • You cannot purchase genetic material or be added to notification lists without being registered. 
  • At the same time, look through our Donor Catalog to choose a donor
    • Need to narrow down your donor choices? Call us to ask questions about individual donors.
  • Once you get your welcome email, call us to purchase your vials of sperm. Please note that we will be closed for lunch from 1pm - 1:30pm PST.
  • All purchases are made over the phone by the recipient or partner. Clinics cannot purchase on your behalf.
  • When you purchase vials you will be asked if you want to schedule a pick up or shipment. 
  • If you choose to ship or pick up later, we offer 3 months free storage at TSBC after your first purchase.
  • If you choose *now* we will schedule a pick up for you or we will set up your shipment. All shipments and pick-ups are scheduled over phone. 
  • If you are needing the vials to be shipped, please be sure to call us at least one week before you need the vials to arrive. Vials are shipped via FedEx 2 Day delivery

Currently the majority of our donors have washed vials only. Washed vials are IUI-ready sperm samples. These samples have been processed for intrauterine insemination (IUI), but it is perfectly safe and effective to use them for IVF and vaginal insemination as well. Many of our recipients have reported pregnancies from IVF and vaginal inseminations using IUI-ready samples. 

Approximate Costs @ a Glance

  • If you purchase 1 washed (IUI) Identity-Release® vial per cycle: $1250
  • If you ship your vial via nitrogen tank add: $280
  • If you pick up add $25 per day that you have the tank, including the day of pickup and drop-off
  • Possible cost per cycle using 1 washed (IUI) vial: $1250 - $1530


  • If you purchase 2 washed Identity-Release® vials per cycle: $2500
  • If you ship via nitrogen tank add: $280
  • If you pick up add $25 per day that you have the tank, including the day of pickup and drop-off
  • Possible cost per cycle using two washed (IUI) vials: $2500 - $2780

All same day shipping cancellations will be charged $75.00.

These examples are provided as a guide and do not apply in every situation. Prices may vary based a number of variables. Please call us for more information. 510.841.1858