What's the difference between Washed and Unwashed samples?

Regular or raw samples are intended for vaginal home insemination (also referred to as intracervical insemination or ICI). IUI-ready or (washed) samples have been processed before freezing so that they can be used for intrauterine insemination. This is why they cost more than regular samples. IUI must be performed in a sterile setting (usually a doctor's office), as a catheter is run through the cervical opening and the sperm is deposited directly into the uterus. Seminal fluid contains prostaglandins that would cause painful cramping of the uterus, so the seminal fluid is washed out of IUI-ready samples, leaving only sperm. All IUI-ready samples are only .5cc in volume, as this is the maximum volume the uterus can accommodate without cramping and expelling the sperm.