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TSBC Donor Catalog

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Monday, March 17th, 2014

Donor Catalog

~ Donor Profiles and Screening ~ Identity-Release® Program ~ Sibling Inventory ~ Family Limits ~ ~International  Recipients ~

We add new donors to our Donor Catalog on an ongoing basis so it is always up to date. We suggest you to check it frequently for new donors and changes in availability of current donors. Current donor availability is noted in the status column on the catalog. If donor inventory is temporarily unavailable, we can put you on a notification list. We encourage you to call us at least one month before you plan your first insemination.

Currently almost all of our inventory consists of washed, IUI-ready sperm samples. These samples have been processed for intrauterine insemination (IUI), but it is perfectly safe and effective to use them for vaginal insemination as well. Many of our recipients have reported pregnancies from vaginal inseminations using IUI-ready samples.

Donor Profiles, Information and Screening

Free donor profiles (including a summary of the donor's medical and family history along with his short personal narrative) and free staff impression essays are available online. Click the PDF icon for the donor you are interested in and it will download automatically. These documents are also available by email or mail. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the PDFs. Get free acrobat reader software now

All TSBC donors go through an extensive screening process. Click on the following links for more details.

Identity-Release® Program

We have the oldest, most thoroughly researched open donor program worldwide. Our Identity-Release® Program allows adult offspring the option to obtain identifying information about their donor. Donors participating in the Identity-Release® Program are designated on the catalog by a 'Yes' in the column labeled Identity-Release® Program. Donors with a 'No' in this column are participating in our anonymous donation program. We encourage all families to read about this innovative program. Read More

Sibling Inventory

We make every effort to set aside inventory for families who wish to have more than one child using the same donor. However, we are unable to guarantee the availability of sibling vials. In order to guarantee inventory of any particular donor you would need to purchase the vials. If you are interested in sibling inventory please inquire with a phone counselor. You may also review our current sibling catalog.

Family Limits

We  limit  each of our donors to no more than 10 families. This is one of the lowest family limits nationally. Many sperm banks have limits of 20, 40 and even more. A lower family limit means that many of our donors - particularly those in the Identity-Release® Program - sell out more quickly than at other sperm banks. This can make our catalog look smaller, when we actually have the same number of donors as other banks. We are dedicated to providing ethical family building options. Since we believe that lower family limits provide better outcomes for families (and for donors as well), we choose to maintain a lower family limit per donor even though this results in lower revenue.


Please note that the Yes or No for Pregnancies depends on how long the Donor has been on the catalog as well as how many vials have been retrieved. It does not speak to the Donor's ability to achieve pregnancies.

Attention International Recipients

Due to new EU regulations, we are currently restricted in our ability to export sperm to countries in the European Union and some states in Australia. However, we have successfully shipped to a handful of countries in the EU on a case by case basis, as well as many other countires around the world. Please see our Shipping and Pick Ups page for more information.