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Fedex is unable to guarantee delivery times which means TSBC also cannot provide delivery guarantees or refunds if a shipment is delayed. Consider scheduling with extra transit days to prevent a missed cycle.

Please be advised, masks are required when visiting our facility. Thank you!

Shipments and Pick Ups

As of 9/6/22, we will schedule international shipments. Thank you!

We ship across the country and around the world

Same Day Pick-Up Appointments: We cannot guarantee availability. Please plan ahead and schedule ahead. You can always change your appointment once you have made it. 

Same-Day Shipping: We cannot guarantee availability and will only accommodate on a case by case basis. If a same day shipment can be arranged additional fees will be charged. 

Retrieval options:

Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Tanks

Liquid nitrogen is the substance used for cryogenic storage. It keeps matter frozen at almost 200 degrees below zero Celsius (by comparison, your average home freezer is only 17 degrees below zero Celsius). Our liquid nitrogen vapor tanks (also known as dry shippers) contain liquid nitrogen that has been converted to vapor, so that the tanks are safe to ship or carry. These tanks resemble large thermoses (about 18 inches tall x 8 inches in diameter) and weigh about 18 lbs.  We guarantee that our liquid nitrogen vapor tanks will keep your semen samples frozen for seven days beginning with the day you pick up or the day you receive your order.


We ship orders Monday through Friday via Federal Express. Two-day tank shipments usually arrive by 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday. Overnight tank shipments usually arrive by 10:30 am Monday through Friday and by 1:30 pm on Saturday (shipments to rural locations may arrive later in the day). Please be aware that Federal Express does not deliver to rural locations on Saturdays and makes no deliveries on Sundays. When you place your order, we can check to determine whether or not Federal Express offers Saturday delivery to your town. Orders shipping outside the continental United States may be in transit for longer than two days.

We ask that you place your order 7 to 10 days prior to your desired ship date (many recipients call to set up their shipment on the first day of their menstrual cycle). We have a limited supply of tanks, and cannot always guarantee tank availability.


If you are a local recipient, you can arrange to pick up your order from our office during business hours. Please call to schedule an appointment no later than the day before you wish to make your pick-up. Some days (often Mondays and Fridays) can get booked up even further in advance, so the more notice you can give us to schedule your pick up appointment, the more likely we can accommodate you. There is a $25 daily fee for renting liquid nitrogen vapor tanks.

International Shipping

All details below are for International Shipments ONLY

We are happy to assist you with your order, but we ask that you first determine whether your country has specific restrictions on the importation of anonymous human semen. As an international recipient, you will be responsible for obtaining any necessary permits, clearing your shipment from customs, and paying all taxes and duties that may be required. If you would like to place an international order, please: Contact Us.

Import Restrictions

In 2007 the European Union implemented new regulations significantly limiting our ability to import sperm to recipients in the EU.

However, these regulations do allow for individual clinics in Europe to approve importation from abroad. For example, we have been approved and ship regularly to a clinic in Ireland. Recipients residing in the EU are encouraged to discuss importing sperm with their clinic. Any EU clinic or resident wishing to import sperm from TSBC can Contact Us for more details. We welcome the opportunity to serve European recipients by partnering with European clinics.

Shipping semen samples to Canada is restricted because Health Canada has instituted strict regulations on donor testing that are not tenable for most US sperm banks to follow. However, we are able to sell sperm to recipients in Canada if they register with a US medical professional, cross the border to receive shipments and inseminate in the US.

We are not able to ship to countries (such as England and some states in Australia) that have regulations requiring sperm donors to submit their names to a governmental registry. While we provide extensive medical and personal history on our donors, and we have our Identity-Release® Program, our donor contracts do not permit us to release the donor's name to any other agency.

Please be advised that when shipping internationally, various other restrictions may arise on a case by case basis. We have the best results when recipients follow these steps.


Determine the restrictions on and requirements for importing anonymous human semen into your country (we have listed some of the restrictions we know of above). When you contact the customs officials in your country, let them know that you would like to import anonymous, non-infectious human semen, which will be shipped in a liquid nitrogen vapor tank. The customs office may also be able to provide you with a 'customs code' that could expedite the shipment's passage through customs.


Choose your donor and contact us to confirm availability.


Complete the TSBC registration process.


Call to purchase vials and schedule your shipment by calling 510.841.1858.  The cost of shipping varies from country to country (fees for shipping to countries outside the US range $950 - $1500+). Once you let us know the delivery address, we will contact Federal Express to determine the exact cost and timing of your shipment. International shipments may be in transit for longer than two days.

Note: Our shipping fee covers the cost of delivering the sperm samples to you in a liquid nitrogen vapor tank and the return shipping of that tank. Our shipping fees do not include any taxes, duties or tariffs due upon delivery. When shipping to some areas we MAY require an additional $1100 tank deposit, refundable upon return of the tank in good condition.


Complete and sign both the Shipping Confirmation Form and International Shipping Agreement and return to TSBC at least two business days before the ship date.

Shipping and Pick-up Fees
Shipping Order Form