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Donor Availability and Notification Lists

What Happens When A Donor is Sold Out?

Recipients are often surprised to hear that there are waiting lists for donor inventory, but it's true! Many of our donors are quite popular, especially if they are participating in our Identity-Release® Program, so even if a donor is listed on our current catalog, there is no guarantee we'll have inventory available every month. If the donor inventory you're interested in is temporarily unavailable, you can ask us to put your name on a notification list. When you check the availability status column on our catalog, or when you call us to find out which donors are available, you'll get one of the following responses:

"Yes! This Donor is available"
"I'm sorry, this Donor is temporarily sold out"
"Sorry, this Donor is no longer available"

"Yes! This Donor is available"

  • The vials are available for you to purchase. All vial purchases are nonrefundable.
  • Storage fees are due on vials that have not been retrieved within three months of purchase.
  • If a donor reaches the ten-family limit before you retrieve your purchased samples, we will not be able to release them to you. In this instance, we will refund the cost of the vials or exchange them at no cost.

"I'm sorry, this Donor is temporarily sold out"

  • Inventory is not currently available but we expect a release within the next three to six months.
  • We give approximate release dates but they are always subject to change.
  • We can put you on a notification list for this particular Donor.
  • You will not have vials placed in your name, rather you will receive an email the day before the Donor is made available on the catalog.
  • Vials are still sold on a first come, first served basis.

"Sorry, but this Donor is no longer available"

  • The donor has completely sold out. We have no more general vials left to sell.
  • The donor has reached the ten-family limit and whenever possible, we are holding any remaining samples for sibling inventory.

Helpful Information Regarding Donor Inventory and Notification Lists:

  • We keep donor inventory in quarantine for six months. Before we can release any of the quarantined vials, the donor must have repeat blood testing for sexually transmitted infections, and all test results must come back negative. Donors have blood testing every three to six months.
  • We will not know in advance the exact number of vials releasing or the exact date when test results will be returned, so we can only give you an approximate number of vials and approximate date for each inventory release.
  • You can be on as many notification lists as you would like. Please be advised that a notification list is not a guarantee that vials will be available for purchase or that you will be able to purchase vials.
  • Purchases are made on a first come first served basis so vial availability depends on the number of vials released, the number of people on the notification list and the number of people who call back first and make purchases.