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Frequently Asked Questions

Can minors (under 18) store at TSBC?

Yes! We are able to set up a personal storage account for a minor under the age of 18 with parental consent. Please note that a teen will only have sperm if they have gone through puberty.

I’m not sure if my child has sperm/has gone through puberty. What can we do?

If you are unsure if your child has gone through puberty, you may first want to consult with your primary care doctor before contacting TSBC. If that is not an option, we can perform a semen analysis (https://www.thespermbankofca.org/semen-analysis) to see if any genetic material is present. We can also go through the steps of setting up an account, and our lab staff can tell you and your child whether genetic material is present at your first appointment. If there is no genetic material present you will not be charged the full account set up fee.

Can my child store at the same time as starting HRT? What if they have already started?

Because we do not know how quickly HRT will impact your child’s fertility, we do not recommend your child starts or continues HRT while they store with us. If your child has already started HRT and their fertility has already been impacted, it may take 3-6 months to regain fertility, although everyone’s body is different and the wait time can vary. Please see the above answer if you are unsure if your child has sperm.
Please keep in mind that stopping or delaying HRT can be extremely difficult for anyone who identifies as transgender, and particularly for transgender youth. If you have concerns we encourage you to speak with your child, as well as your child’s medical and/or mental health providers.

What type of account should my child open?
  • We typically recommend minors who are storing in anticipation of starting HRT open up a Directed Donor account. A Directed Donor account will allow for the most flexibility in the future when your child is ready to use their genetic material as DD vials can be used with a partner, a surrogate, or a friend.

  • A Client Depositor, or CD, account is also an option. A CD account is cheaper and faster, however CD vials can only ever be used by a spouse or intimate partner. Client Depositor vials cannot be used by a surrogate, gestational carrier, or any other non-sexually intimate partner. If there is any chance that your child may not have an egg-producing partner in the future, we recommend opening a Directed Donor account.

  • You can find more detailed information about the types of accounts we offer here:

How do we get started?

Give us a call at 510-841-1858. A healthworker would be happy to set up your child’s appointment and/or answer any additional questions you may have.